seo service consultant 1Back in 2009, I decided to pursue my dreams of setting up a fashion brand. Since money was tight and I had little to begin with, I couldn’t afford a physical store so I moved to the next best option- a “blogshop”. Site was done up in a 2009 “blogshop” style, with a livejournal domain. I took the first step to be the self-made millionaire I convinced myself that I will be. I waited for business to pour in.

But it didn’t.

Soon, I realized that just having a website isn’t sufficient. I need traffic. I need motivated buyers. Traffic isn’t going to just appear out of nowhere. That realization lead to one thing- I taught myself Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

What I can do for you and your website

  • Keyword research into your industry. “Tomatoes” is going to have more searches than “Tomatoes Singapore” and “Cheap Tomatoes Singapore”, but “Tomatoes Singapore” and “Cheap Tomatoes Singapore” is a keyword with more buyer intent.
  • On-site SEO, which includes technical audit of your website. Necessary to best optimize for your target keywords.
  • Off-Site SEO, link building from authority sites.
  • Link profile audit, identify links that are hurting your profile and anchor text distribution.

My personal guarantee towards my work includes “If you don’t experience a Google rank increase for your desired keyword within 90 days of me starting my work, I will pay you back 200% of what you paid me for wasting your time and money. Period.” Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project in detail and determine how my skills can contribute to your project.

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